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Table 1 MAP parameter values used for the sensitivity analysis

From: The effect of model rescaling and normalization on sensitivity analysis on an example of a MAPK pathway model

θ \(\log k_{1}^{+}\) \(\log k_{2}^{+}\) \(\log k_{3}^{+}\) \(\log k_{4}^{+}\) \(\log k_{1}^{-}\) \(\log k_{2}^{-}\) \(\log k_{3}^{-}\) \(\log k_{4}^{-}\) logk Fp logg K
\(\hat {\theta }^{\text {MAP}}\) –5.7324 7.3475 7.8110 2.3365 –0.0865 6.2055 6.8132 –0.4295 -5.9037 –5.8563 5.6202