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Table 4 Recognition rate of test items of 1 to N with N = 5 to N = 200 most frequent syllables

From: Associative learning and self-organization as basic principles for simulating speech acquisition, speech production, and speech perception

Number of most frequent syllables Recognition rate in % without frequency correction Recognition rate in % with frequency correction
5 100,0 100,0
10 97,2 97,4
20 91,1 93,2
50 90,2 92,7
100 88,9 92,3
200 85,8 91,8
  1. The recognition rate without frequency correction (second column) shows the mean recognition rates for all N syllables, each syllable weighted equally. The frequency correction (third column) shows recognition rates for all N syllables, now weighted with respect to the frequency of occurrence of each syllable within the corpus (i.e. highly frequent syllables occur more often and also indicate higher recognition rates).