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Figure 5

From: Modeling domain formation of MARCKS and protein kinase C at cellular membranes

Figure 5

Two-dimensional numerical simulations of Eqs. (5-6)in a circular domain. From an initial homogeneous distribution of MARCKS and PKC with a weak random perturbation, domains of high protein concentration appear at the membrane. a) Spatio-temporal plot of the concentration of PKC and MARCKS at the membrane. b) Spatial distribution of MARCKS and PKC at the membrane at four different times. c) Evolution of the relative difference between the highest [M R K]m+ and the lowest [M R K]m- value of MARCKS concentration at the membrane Δ[M R K] m =([M R K]m+-[M R K]m-)/[M R K]m+. The growing is exponential () and the thin line shows a exponent of τ g =285s. Total concentration of the proteins are: [M R K]=7.5 μ M and [P K C]=0.5 μ M.

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