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Fig. 3

From: Interplay of digital and analog control in time-resolved gene expression profiles

Fig. 3

Absolute analog control type confidence (CTC) for real gene expression data. The analog CTC measured by absolute control C A Eq. (4) has a distinct profile. Even the lowest values are above 3 which, in terms of z-scores, is a significant result. This is an indication that the distribution of absolute control in the random realizations of the chosen null model are far away from the control value in the data. There are two characteristic peaks of analog CTC towards the beginning and end of the bacterial growth cycle which matches experimental observations [31]. The earlier rise of analog CTC in the wildtype, around the 250 min mark, is most likely due to the extra gene expression measurement after 5 h (see Table 1) which is then incorporated in the polynomial fit to the time series (cf. Section “Gene expression analysis”)

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