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Fig. 2

From: Interplay of digital and analog control in time-resolved gene expression profiles

Fig. 2

Interpolated and normalized gene expression levels. a The levels published in [31] are shown here normalized between zero and unity. There are seven examples of gene levels in the wild type: fis, which is prominent in the early to mid exponential growth phase; hns, strongly expressed in the late exponential growth phase;the σ 70-factor encoding gene rpoD which is more active during exponential growth; the σ S-factor encoding gene rpoS, mostly active during the transition from late exponential to stationary growth phase; dps, which is associated with the stationary phase; and the two gyrase-encoding genes gyrA and gyrB. DNA gyrase is important for altering chromosome structure and the progression of the replication fork. b The black dots and the corresponding polynomial fit depict the cell density OD 600 in order to clearly discriminate between the growth phases

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