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Table 3 The different types of cycles and their corresponding characteristics

From: Performances of domiciliary ventilators compared by using a parametric procedure

Name Symbol N T δ h δ l  
Non-triggered cycle NT 0  
Synchronous cycle SC 1 ≤200 ms |δ l|≤300 ms  
Cycle with advanced pressure release Tapr 1 ≤200 ms <−300 ms  
Cycle with delayed pressure release Tdpr 1 ≤200 ms >+300 ms  
Self-triggered cycle ST 1 >τ i  
Backup cycle Bck 1 \(\tau _{\text {tot}} = \frac {1}{f_{\text {Bck}}}\)
Double-triggered cycle DT ≥2  
  1. δ h and δ l are the delays of the high and low pressure triggerings, respectively. τ i is the duration of the inspiration and τ tot is the duration of the breathing cycle. N T is the number of high pressure triggerings occurring during a breathing cycle. f Bck is the backup frequency