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Table 3 Parameter values used in our model of the cardiovascular system with pulmonary arterial hypertension

From: A dynamical model for heart remodeling during the two phases of pulmonary arterial hypertension

  General parameters Units
Required cardiac output * Q cr= 87.5 ml/s
Slope of the sigmoid error function λ= 100
Increase rate of the cardiac frequency β= \(\frac {1}{60}\) Hz/ml
Kidney volume exchange rate γ= 2·10−3 s
Minimal cardiac frequency \(\underline {f_{c}}\) = \(\frac {1}{60}\) Hz
Maximal cardiac frequency * \(\overline {f_{c}}\) = \(\frac {100}{60}\) Hz
  1. Parameters with a “*” were extracted from the literature
  2. This table contains general parameters (needed for the two parts of the heart) whereas parameter values specific to the left and right sides of the heart are reported in Table 4. The required cardiac output chosen corresponds to Q cr=5.25 l/min