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Table 2 Initial conditions used for our simulation

From: A dynamical model for heart remodeling during the two phases of pulmonary arterial hypertension

Right end-diastolic volume * V dr 0= 120 ml
Left end-diastolic volume * V dl 0= 135 ml
Cardiac frequency * f c 0= 1.25 Hz (=75 bpm)
Right backflow resistance \({\overline {R}_{\mathrm {r}}}_{0}\) 0.222 mmHg.s/ml
Left backflow resistance \({\overline {R}_{\mathrm {l}}}_{0}\) 1.08 mmHg.s/ml
  1. Parameters with a “*” were extracted from the literature
  2. The initial flow Q cd 0=5.25 l/min is not an actual initial condition (because this is not a variable of our model) but is used for the computation of the right and left backflow resistances