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Figure 3

From: Brain connectivity extended and expanded

Figure 3

The diagrams of difference in connectivity for the first time slice, shown in Table 1, left (related first two diagrams in Figure 2), for common zero threshold equal to: 0.20, 0.10 and 0.06 (left to right) respectively; thus, the first diagram is complementing the first two graphs in Figure 2 with respect to connectivity only: if we take a union of this graph links and the links in the first -PDC graph in Figure 2 the result is the second graph -DTF; grading is not shown for the simplicity. Solid lines show: DTF connected, while PDC disconnected. Thus, in all cases, connectivity graph for PDC is a substructure of a corresponding graph for DTF. Note: with a data from TableĀ 1. left, taking 0.06. instead of 0.20 zero threshold, for the first time slice PDC has 10 more connectivity links, while DTF obtains 8 new links.

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