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Figure 18

From: Brain connectivity extended and expanded

Figure 18

Another example with search for inner C2. In both images, on the left side enlarged are composite power distributions, with LF very magnified and the cross measurements active, showing the value of max at VLF and the 522.8 Hz indistinguishable transversal profile, along the time axes. In the top right diagrams, we see the Λ = SR/Initial VLF, showing some structures arising from 0 level, while the temporal feature corresponding to C2 is still negligible at the cross line, within the 0 floor, lower arrow in the right-right top structure. The C2 temporally lasting features emerged in the reduced Λ = [500, 545 Hz], as seen in both images in lower right windows (arrowed features), the 3-composite spectrogram structures. The proportions of PLD indices are similar to previous cases.

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